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About Us

© Melissa M. Bobowski

© Melissa M. Bobowski

Saunders Island was bought by the Pole-Evans family in 1987 but has been farmed since 1948. The island operates primarily as a sheep farm and possesses 6000 sheep. The resident population is 4 during the winter and 5 in the summer. Saunders Island is open to tourists beginning 15 September and closed after 30 April. These dates coincide with when the wildlife will be visiting Saunders as well. We accomodate families, groups, as well as single travelers.


Saunders Island has been the backdrop for several nature documentaries such as Penguins: Spy in the Huddle, National Geographic's Flying Devils, BBC's Deadly: Pole to Pole, BBC's Planet Earth, Island Parish, and several Japanese, Dutch, and German film makers.

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