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© Melissa Bobowski

All photos copyright Melissa M. Bobowski

Rooms & Rates

 © Melissa M. Bobowski

Most visitors arrive via FIGAS (the local air transportation). We have three places for you to stay on Saunders Island: the Neck, the Rookery, or at the Settlement.


[-51.320263, -60.120449]

Saunders Island is located in "Camp" and is NW of West Falkland. The area is

131.6 km2 (50.8 sq mi) and has a coastline of 106.8 km (66.4 mi). The highest point, Mount Richards, is 457 m (1,499 ft) high. 


© Melissa M. Bobowski

Saunders Island offers you diverse wildlife, and wonderful hiking and photography opportunities.

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