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© Melissa M. Bobowski

Scientific Research


Saunders Island has supported and has served as the main study site for research on the ecology of the near-threatened raptor, Striated Caracara (Phalcoboenus australis), or more commonly reffered to as "Johnny Rooks" in the Falkland Islands. Falklands Conservation works in collaboration with biologists from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, USA and Boise State University in Idaho, USA. There are an estimated 3,000 Johnny Rooks left in the world, with the highest density within the Falklands. Despite how highly curious and personable these raptors are, little studies have been conducted on them. Our goal is to understand more about them as a species, both as a population and as individuals. One way we begin to do this is by placing unique bands/rings on one of their legs. Please scroll down to learn more about the project, the team, and how you can help out with the study!

Falklands Conservation is a Falkland Islands and UK registered charity dedicated to protecting the island's unique wildlife and environment. The raptors project is managed by Micky Reeves and is funded by Darwin Initiative Fund through March 2015. Click "Falklands Conservation" above to learn more about this charity.

© Melissa M. Bobowski

Interested in learning more about the
Falklands' Johnny Rooks?

Click "Research Blog" above to read all about our project. You can also like us on Facebook by liking "Falkland Islands' Johnny Rooks". 

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization located in Pennsylvania, USA. The Acopian Center for Conservation works with world-class raptor scientists and other conservationists, graduate students, and international trainees. For this project, the Acopian Center funds (from gracious donors) two graduate students. Melissa M. Bobowski, MSc. joined the team in 2013 and is researching the behaviors and movements of the Johnny Rooks for her Ph.D. Anna Autilio will be joining the team and conducting a research project for her M.Sc. while attending Boise State University. Click "Hawk Mountain Sanctuary" above to learn more.

Report Band Sightings

© Melissa M. Bobowski

We need your help!


If you decide to visit the Falklands, we are asking for your help. Re-sightings of banded birds are critical data we need collected for this project. Suzan Pole-Evans has gone above-and-beyond the call of duty, and has provided us with over 4,000(!) re-sightings of banded Johnny Rooks that come to Saunders Island. However, you may see birds we may not. Even if they are of the same birds, day after day, this is still important. The information needed is the colour of the band, the alpha-numeric code, the date, and the location. Photos are also greatly appreciated and sometimes are an easier way to collect almost all of this information at once (plus, our birds love to be in front of a camera). Please click "Report Band Sightings" or email Micky Reeves: 

Meet Our Team

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-from left to right-

Melissa M. Bobowski, M.Sc.: Ph.D. student researching the behaviors and movements of the Johnny Rooks


Micky Reeves: Falklands Conservation Raptor Project Manager


Dr. Keith Bildstein: Director of Acopian Center for Conservation at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, USA.


Dr. Marc Bechard: Director of Raptor Research Center and Biology professor at Boise State University in Idaho, USA.


Anna Autilio (Not Pictured): M.Sc. student researching the foraging habits of Johnny Rooks under the advisement of Dr. Marc Bechard at Boise State University. 

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